Foreplay Tips for Women – How to Dirty Talk Your Man and Get Him in the Mood

A lot of women have the belief that foreplay only benefits them and helps to get them in the mood. Men are supposed to take their time in the bed, go slow and really force a woman to savor the moment in order to enjoy it. This is not true. If you expect to give your man amazing pleasure and satisfaction, then you have to get him in the mood first and you have to do more than what you would usually expect to suffice. Rubbing and touching on him isn’t going to be enough anymore. You need to kick things up a notch and really get in touch with your naughty side.


If you want to really get your man in the mood and get him excited, there are a few things that you can do but the most important and useful is to dirty talk him. Women would be surprised to know just how powerful their voices are in the bedroom. Too many women are way too quiet in the bedroom and afraid to really talk. Sure they will moan and groan but sometimes that just doesn’t do the trick. If you really want to get him going, you have to dirty talk.


Dirty talking will be one of the sexiest things that you can do for foreplay to get your man in the mood. Saying something really naughty to him in the right moment and then taking things a step further will not only get him aroused, but it will also work wonders for you. By dirty talking, you get in touch with this side of your sexuality that you probably never even knew existed. You will start to feel this whole new energy and it will drive you both wild. You’d be surprised to see how effective dirty talk can be for both you and your man so get in on it tonight.


You will get your man aroused in a matter of mere seconds by whispering something naughty into his ear. He is going to quiver and his entire body is going to shake. It will surely get him prepped and ready for what is to come. It sets the tone for the evening and really makes him want you bad. A woman who is comfortable with dirty talking is a woman who is confident and that is one of the sexiest qualities that a woman can possess. If you know what you want and you aren’t afraid to get it, your man is going to pick up on this and it is going to drive him totally wild.


Remember that foreplay is important to sex for men just as it is for women. If you want to give him pleasure and make him feel good, it is time that you got in touch with your naughty side. He is going to love it and so are you.

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