Male Orgasm Tips for Women – Find Out the Steamiest Ways to Please Him Tonight

Do you feel like you are unable to make your man feel intense pleasure as of late? Does it feel like perhaps your love life is taking a turn for the worst? Maybe things used to be awesome before and now they just aren’t up to par. Is it you? Is it him? What could it be?


At the end of the day, sex is an important part of a healthy relationship and with anything relationship wise, you know that it takes some effort and it takes some work. The same goes for sex. Even if things are great, you want to make them better. When things aren’t going quite right, you need to put in that time and effort to really make them pop. So maybe you just need to learn some male orgasm tips for women.


The ability to make a man rock hard in seconds and to give him steamy pleasure, is a luxury. You want to be able to do this for your guy. You want his eyes to roll back in his head because whatever you are doing to him, just feels that darn good. You are determined to be the best lover that he has ever had and you want him to focus on you and only you at all times.


In order to make this happen, you just need a little refresher course on what the male orgasm entails and with that, some ultra saucy tips that will truly please him tonight. If you’re ready to let go and to get lost in the world of pleasure and satisfaction once again, then you need to make it happen now.


One of the best male orgasm tips for women is to do something spontaneous. When was the last time you gave him oral sex in the car? When was the last time you dropped everything in the doorway when you both came home and went at it in the kitchen? Spontaneity is crucial when it comes to sex, otherwise, everything is going to start feeling so stifled and dry. Being able to predict where he touches you next or vice versa can get so boring. Spice it up. Do something out of the ordinary and this will send that butterfly feeling through his body again, making him feel like a teenager all over again.


Another male orgasm tip is to be rough. Even though you might like it a little softer, he can handle it rough. Stroke him hard, bite him, blow him, suck him, etc. Men are built strong and their skin is thicker than ours. Plus, they don’t have as many nerve endings as us and they aren’t affected in the same way. You can use this to your advantage and be a little domineering with him. He will think it is so sexy and it will only add to the pleasure that he feels.


Don’t feel like you aren’t enough because you are. Sometimes we all just need a little help and feel free to let these tips do just that for you.

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