Make Man Orgasm – The Best and Fastest Ways to Give Your Man the Best Pleasure of His Life

It sounds like it is relatively easy to do, but did you know that when a man ejaculates, it does not necessarily mean that he had an orgasm? So what does this mean for us women? Well, it means that we need to work a little harder to ensure that we are doing everything in our power to give a man pleasure.


You need to learn how to make a man orgasm and how to do so now. Then and only then can you know for certain that you are doing everything in your power to give him pleasure that is out of this world.


It takes more than just a few strokes to give a man pleasure and this is something that you have to realize. If you really want to get a man going, then you should consider following these tips now.


The first one is to use foreplay on your man. Are you doing this already? If not, then you could be cheating him out of pleasure. We all know that it takes women a certain amount of time to become fully aroused but did you know that just because he is erect doesn’t necessarily mean that he is ready to go?


To ensure that he is ready, spend some time with foreplay. Massage him, caress him all over and even take it as far as teasing him. All men love a good challenge so be a challenge for him. Get him close to having you and then take it away from him. It will make it so worth it in the end and result in a very explosive orgasm.


The next step to ensure that he has an orgasm is to get on top and ride him. The cowgirl position is one of the hottest sex positions that you can use on your man but it is one that women shy away from. Maybe it is because it is so open and exposing or maybe it is because it takes a little bit of stamina. Either way, you should consider getting on top of him and riding him. Then, he gets to lie back and enjoy the show, seeing every inch of you on top of him.


Another fantastic way to give a man an orgasm is to give him oral sex. Did you know that some men can only have an orgasm through oral sex? This means that your oral sex skills better be up to par. Use your hands and your mouth on him to give him some of the best pleasure ever. Change it up by doing it in front of a mirror so he has the ability to see everything going down as well. Men are so visual so you need to play into this and feed into it a little bit to really give him what he is craving.


With these sex tips for women, you can really give your man some out of this world pleasure tonight and you can take comfort in knowing that you are doing everything exactly the way he needs it to be done to feel pleasure and to get off each and every single time.

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