How to Turn Him On Without Touching Him – Irresistible Tips That Will Leave Him Rock Hard and Begging for More

All any woman wants to be able to do, is to rock her man’s world in the bedroom. It is something that we take pride in and that we want to be able to do for our guy. The only issue here is that a lot of us just don’t quite have that confidence to make it happen. For this reason, it is really frustrating and it kind of puts us into a black hole that we have created on our own. How do we overcome it?


It’s time that you took control of your sexuality and that you owned it. As a woman, no matter your shape or appearance, you are a force to be reckoned with. You are a sexpot, and you do matter. He thinks the world of you and it’s time that you believed it as well. Therefore, it’s time that you made things happen the way that you always dreamed they would.


You want to be so irresistible, that he has a hard time waiting for you to get home to him or vice versa. You want to leave him rock hard and begging for more. You want to get him going and you want to make it happen now. You want to turn him on without touching him. So, why not do this tonight?


The first tip to make a man get so turned on without touching him is to use your voice. This is one thing that so many women have so much trouble with in the bedroom. Women just can’t seem to be comfortable with the idea of being vocal and talking aloud about sex. Do you feel like you have this hesitation? So, how do you overcome it?


Start off with some light dirty talk. You don’t have to throw down some heavy graphic things right off the bat. Instead, try easing into it. Tell him how sexy you find him or how irresistible he is to you. Tell him what you like about him and then you will find how easy it is to talk during or around sex. That is when you can start talking about yourself and what you want. Creating a picture for him through your words will be huge.


The next way to turn a man on without touching him is to use your body. The female figure is so visually stunning and this is something that men know. Your breasts, your hips, your lips, your curves, are all something that he finds so irresistible. You can use these to your advantage. Peel off your clothes one by one while allowing him to watch. It will be like his own personal strip show. As you get more and more comfortable, you can eventually perhaps doing a little striptease for him too.


Once you see how easy it is to get a man turned on without touching him, you will find it so much easier and fun to do all of the time. Just make sure that you are giving in eventually and giving him some pleasure as a result. He won’t be able to handle the teasing without some pleasing.



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