How to Arouse Your Man and Make Him Happy in Bed – Male Orgasm Techniques He is Dying for You to Try

A lot of women don’t realize this, but foreplay is extremely important when it comes to giving a man pleasure. It is a mistake to think that just because men can become aroused in seconds, that they are truly ready to stimulation and pleasure. The male orgasm is much more in depth than that and you are going to learn all about it today.

You are going to learn how to arouse a man and how to make him want you bad. You are going to build up the pressure in his body to the point where he is on the brink of having an orgasm. You want to use foreplay on him so good, that he is begging for your touch. You want to have the control in the bedroom and now is the time that you made this happen.

To arouse your man with foreplay, one of the most sexiest and intimate things you can do is to give him a massage. Let your man lie down on the bed face down and straddle his bum. Set the mood with some candles and light fragrance in the mood so he can totally relax. The two of you can also strip down naked to really get the mood going. Feeling your soft hands rubbing all over his back will definitely get him aroused. He is going to want to flip over and take you right there, but assure him that you are the one who is charge and it is up to you to decide when the time is right.

Another foreplay technique for the naughtier women is to give him a lap dance. Have your man sit down on a chair in the bedroom or anywhere in the house, turn on some sensual tunes and go for it. Let your body go with the music and get up on your man and show him what you got. Remember to either tell him not to touch you until you say or else tie his hands down if you know that he is not going to be able to handle the temptation. When you do finally allow him to touch you, watch out, because he is going to want you so bad, that his animalistic qualities are certainly going to be unleashed.

To get your man aroused beyond comparison and to have him begging for your touch, use these foreplay techniques to drive him wild.

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