Who Am I?

Hey there, my name is Michelle Jacobs and I am a woman just like you. I have a job, I have a family and I have responsibilities. On top of that, I am expected to put work into my relationship and to make things work with my man. 

I’ve been through the ringer just like you have – bad relationships leading to bad breakups and some confidence scarring in terms of my sexuality. I’ve tried to do things outside of my comfort zone and sometimes, they just don’t work out. Then, why on Earth would I want to try it again? 

Why Should You Listen to Me?

When it comes to sex, it can be very nerve wracking to bare your soul to someone and to allow yourself to become vulnerable with someone. I know this feeling all too well and that is why I designed these sites. All of the products I endorse on this site are here for a reason and that is because they work. Everything from how to text the romance back to how to give a handjob – this is some of the best information out there. 

I’ve done all of the work finding these products for you and all you have to do is trust me and let me be the open and honest best friend that you are looking for. 

At the end of the day, I just want women all over the world to be happy and to be confident with who they are. With everything in the media and society telling women what they can and cannot be, how they should and shouldn’t behave, I’m here to say – hell no, we will do what we want; we will be who we want and you will accept it. 

You can be the best woman possible for not only your man, but more importantly, for yourself and that is my main goal for all of you all over the world. 


My best, 

Michelle Jacobs 


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