Vagina Rejuvenation

How Do I Tighten My Vagina? Natural Exercises to Strengthen Your PC Muscles 

The vagina is just like any muscle in the body; overtime, these muscles can weaken and become looser. We notice this on other parts of our bodies such as our necks, our arms, our tummies and our legs. However, when the vagina starts to loosen, that is when a woman starts to feel like less of a woman. When the desire to have sex starts to disappear because you are self-conscious about your body and when you have an inability to achieve an orgasm because of it, this is a big cause for concern.


Childbirth, age and so many other factors contribute to why a woman’s vagina tends to loosen over the years. A lot of these women feel the need to resort to vaginal reconstructive surgery in order to feel young again and to feel vibrant down there. The only problem is the complications associated with surgery. Although it is rare, some women find that after this surgery, their problems are even worse than before, with a complete loss of sensation in the vagina. No woman wants that.


So the question of natural vagina tightening remains. How do you tighten your vagina? How do you get it back to where it once was and how do you feel sexy once again? The answers are simple with these natural exercises.


The reason for this loss of strength is due to the PC muscles not getting a work out like they used to. These are the muscles responsible for the tightness in the vagina, for childbirth, for having orgasm, for holding in urine and the list goes on. So how do you work these muscles to get back to where you used to be?


There are a number of exercises that will help you to strengthen your vagina and they are as follows:


Exercise 1 – Kegels


If you have ever picked up any magazine catered to women, then you have heard of kegels but have you ever performed them? It’s easy. Just pretend like you have to pee. Do you feel that muscle contract in your vagina? Do it again. Feel that suction feeling down there? Congratulations! You just did a kegel!


Now, naturally it takes more than just one to get the job done. You should think of kegels as any other exercise that you would do. You need to do them in sets with a certain number of repetitions and then to gradually increase the number of sets and reps you are doing.


Exercise 2 – Ben Wa Balls


If you feel like you aren’t going to remember to do your kegels or that you don’t really feel like you are doing anything by contracting that muscle, then you might need to use ben wa balls. Essentially, these are little balls with some weight to them that you insert into your vagina. In order to keep them from falling out, you need contract that muscle. Now, this gives you some incentive and gives you a purpose for doing those kegels.


Tightening your vagina in a natural way is incredibly easy by working out those PC muscles. Try doing this a little every single day to start and after a week, you should notice a massive difference. Keep going and you will be shocked at how great you feel in just a few short weeks.



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